The Mission of the University is:

  1. to engage its faculties and students in studies of higher learning com-mitted to the pursuit of truth through scientific research and inquiries
  2. to promote higher education in its broadest sense, delving into fact-finding under the guidance of and in obedience to the Word of God
  3. to be sensitive to the pressures which dehumanize society and oppress human kind so as to rescue, elaborate and communicate those elements of national culture which are possible and humanizing while at the same time liberating human capacities and engendering good moral values
  4. to explore, test and analyse new ideas, models and alternative avenues for development and promotion of a viable and just human society
  5. to realize hopes and meet the expectations of the ELCT by developing resources from which fresh intellectual and spiritual breezes will spring up and spread out far and wide for the renewal of the Church and soci-ety as a whole.

The Vision of the University:

JoKUCo is a University which

  1. Empowers students to enhance the formation of their fundamental ca-pabilities, and assists them to think critically and to be skilful in com-munication and methods of inquiry
  2. Creates a sense of public responsibility in the students and promotes re-spect for learning and the pursuit of truth and mature thinking about the ultimate meaning of human life
  3. Promotes an understanding of the practical applications of knowledge including historical origin, purpose and meaning of life, a sense of value to life, a balance of intellectual and spiritual health, identification with African culture, and integration of various cultures
  4. Provides conducive learning and working environment to special needs of women and of persons with common physical disabilities of sight, hearing and movement.