ORGANISATION OF JoKUCo                             ABBR

Provost                                                                                               PROV
Internal Auditor                                                                                  INTA
Legal Counsellor                                                                                 LECO
Quality Assurance Coordinator                                                          QACO
Deputy Provost for Academic Affairs, Research and Consultancy      DPAA
Students Registry Office                                                                     SROF
Curricula Developer                                                                           CuDe
Deans of Faculties                                                                             DoFa
Directorate of Research and Publications                                           DIRP
Directorate of Community Development and Entrepreneurship          DICE
Library                                                                                                 LIBR
Deputy Provost for Planning, Finance and Administration                  DPFA
Finance and Accounts                                                                         FIAC
Human Resources Management Office                                               HRMO
Planning Office                                                                                   PLAN
Administrative Office                                                                         ADMO
Information and Communication Technology Unit                             ICTU
Estate’s Office                                                                                    ESTO
Dean of Students’ Office                                                                    DSTO
Dean of Students                                                                                DEST
Career Guidance and Counselling                                                       CGCO
Students’ Welfare Office                                                                     SWEO
Chapel                                                                                               CHPL
Chaplain                                                                                             CHAP
Dispensary                                                                                          DISP


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Department of Education                                                                    DEED
Department of Teaching Subjects                                                       DETS
Department of Business Administration                                             DEBA
Department of Accounting and Finance                                              DAFI
Unit of Common Courses                                                                    UCCO

Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Information Technology                                               DICT
Department of Natural Sciences                                                           DNAS