Additionally, JoKUCo has established the following directorates:

  • Directorate of Research and Publications (DIRP)

The agenda of DIRP is:

  1. To upkeep and propose updates the JoKUCo Research Consultancy Policy
  2. To establish and actively strive to implement a JoKUCo Research Journal publishing scientific articles both in English and Kiswahili offered for publication by JoKUCo staff and outside writers
  3. To establish and actively strive to implement a JoKUCo Annual Journal publishing high quality opinion/ journalistic articles offered for publication by JoKUCo staff and outside writers
  4. To propose line(s) of Research where JoKUCo would concentrate its research efforts and eventually realize funding
  5. To identify and announce local and international Research Funding possibilities available to both staff and students
  6. To guideline, supervise and finance (subject to the restraints of each Academic Year’s Budget), where needed or possible, the research activities undertaken at JoKUCo, both at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels
  7. To assist the staff in looking for outside publishers for scientific work
  • Directorate of Community Development and Entrepreneurship (DICE)

The agenda of DICE is:

  1. Propose for approval the Community Development and Entrepre-neurship Policy of JoKUCo
  2. To establish connections with the surrounding community and to create platforms or organs for upkeep both of good neighbourly re-lations but also for creating ideas and seeking proposals and support for active JoKUCo involvement in Outreach Activities
  3. To identify suitable projects for students involved in Outreach activ-ities both as part of their academic programme and otherwise
  4. To organise Outreach Days and Seminars for purposes expressed in (2) and (3)
  5. To sensitize the Heads of Departments to make a close follow up on whether the academic staff in their Departments is serious with car-rying out Community Outreach activities as prescribed in the Course syllabus.
  6. To cooperate and encourage instructors to involve their students carry out the actual community outreach activities and/or projects.
  7. To attend different University academic forums in order to discuss and propagate the benefits and advantages, even the weaknesses of JoKUCo’s participation in Community Outreach activities and/or projects.