1.1 University research policy

A Research Policy for theJosiah Kibira University College takes into consideration JoKUCo’s long term goals defined by its vision and mission. However, it also recognize the reality of the current situation so that it is able to promote and support the research enterprise of the University and respond to the current regional and national challenges in Research & Development (R&D).

The Research Policy covers the goals and procedures of facilitating academic research activities at JoKUCo. The policy contains Research facilitation, Publications of the college and Research Associateship.


1.2 The University intellectual property rights policy

This Policy details on the framework and associated processes the University, Staff and Students are required to follow when dealing with intellectual property developed at the University. This policy forms part of the conditions of employment and Enrolment that apply to staff and students and applies to all intellectual property created by staff and students whilst employed or Enrolled at the University.

The policy includes ownership and associated rights relating to patents, rights in utility model, plant breeders rights, rights in designs, trademarks, topography rights, know-how, trade secrets and all other intellectual or industrial property rights as well as copyrights, either registered or unregistered and including applications or rights to apply for them and together with all extensions and renewals of them, and in each and every case all rights or forms of protection having equivalent or similar effect anywhere in the world.


1.3 Community outreach

The JoKUCo consultancy policy aspires to engage the college into a wider section of society. It is intended to offer consultancy activities in various ways that include social work, short training sessions, conferences, seminars and others. Consultancy activities shall be well structured and regulated in conformity with JoKUCo’s and national ethical and professional aspirations. 

1.4 Quality assurance

1.4.1 Internal quality assurance

JoKUCo’s internal quality assurance system aims to improve the quality of its study programmes. The internal quality assurance system regularly gathers and analyses important information such as course evaluations and staff assessment. It is to all extents and purposes a self-assessment system.


 1.4.2 Benchmarking

Benchmarkingat JoKUCo focuses mainly on the practices from the comparison of statistical data to the detailed analysis of processes within institutions that is ta sayinstitutional processes or on performance. Moreover benchmarking exercises learning to improve internal processes or improving one’s competitive position.JoKUCo applies to all types of benchmarking i.e. international benchmarking, external competitive benchmarking, external collaborative benchmarking and external trans-industry (best-in- class) benchmarking.

5 Achievements 

Academic staff and students undertake studies on a range of issues. Staff conducts research in their areas of specialization, present seminars and papers at local and international forums.  Students conduct research in a variety of areas such as causes of poor performance of students in Bukoba District, truancy and performance by gender, literacy of learners and others that affect quality in education.