Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty is offering four non-degree programmes and two degree programmes:

Certificate Programmes

  1. Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Microfinance (CEMF)
  2. Certificate in Procurement and Material Management (CPMM)
  3. Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF)
  4. Certificate in Accounting and Business Administration (CABA)

Diploma Programmes

  1. 1 Diploma in Business Administration Management (DBAM)
  2. Diploma in Accounting (DAC)

Degree Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Education(BEd)
  2. Bachelor of Arts with Education (BAEd)
  3. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)*
  4. Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)*
    *Not yet approved by TCU

In all programmes there will be JoKUCo Common Courses, that is, courses taken by all students irrespective of their specific programmes.

All Education programmes will consist of JoKUCo Common Courses, Education courses and courses in Teaching Subject(s). However, the emphasis between Education and Teaching Subjects will differ between the programmes. BEd will have a special emphasis on Education and the BAEd on the Teaching Subjects.

The teaching subjects will be selected from amongst the following ones:

  1. Computer Science
  2. English
  3. French
  4. Geography
  5. History
  6. Kiswahili