The university college can currently accommodate128 students. These Residence Halls are reserved primarily for vulnerable groups and students with disabilities. Students are able to secure off-campus accommodation. The residents of nearby villages and Bukoba town provide off-campus accommodation.


JoKUCo is situated about nine kilometres to the North of Bukoba Municipality. The area is renowned for its heavy rains and temperate climate: especially during the months of March - May the night temperature may be cool. Students are advised to be equipped with warm blankets, warm coats, sweaters, even raincoats/umbrellas and rain shoes.

Cafeteria services

A private entrepreneur offers cafeteria services at JoKUCo premises. There is also a TV at the cafeteria enabling the students to follow the news as well as to get some recreation.

Sports & Recreation

Students, members of staff and nearer villagers participate in various sports and games, for stance football, basketball, netball, athlete, singing weekly especially during weekends. Through games, there is love growth & academic increase performance, sharing ideas for development of the society, body fitness and entertainment.