Dr. Amos N. Mwijage            Acting Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

                                         Lecturer in Geography    -PhD (2015) (OUT)
                                                                                -MSc Pest Management (1994) University of

                                                                                -Dipl. of Imperial University (1992)

Samwel Kijanga                     Assistant Lecturer of Education, Geography and History
                                                                                 -MA(Ed) (2012) St. John’s Univ. of Tanzania
                                                                                 -BA(Ed) (2010) St. John Univ. of Tanzania

Martin D.N. Mwombeki          Assistant Lecturer in Education    -M.A (Demography) (1997), UDSM
                                                                                       -Post Graduate Diploma In Edu-cation

                                                                                        (1982), University of Leeds
                                                                                       -BScEd (1978), UDSM

Prof. Abel G.M. Ishumi         Visiting Professor in Education      -PhD (Ed) (1975), UDSM
                                                                                 -MEd (1972), Harvard University
                                                                                 -BA (Hons) (1970), University of East Africa

Thomas Paschal Kangeizi      Assistant Lecturer of Faith and Ethics/ Chaplain and Head of Book Services.
                                                                                 -MA in Theology (2008) Free University of Amsterdam
                                                                                 -Postgraduate Diploma in Islam and Inter-faith Relations (2007), Henry Martyn Institute,

                                                                                 -Diploma in Theology (2000), Ruhija, Tanzania
                                                                                 -Diploma of Church Music (1994), Ruhija
                                                                                 -Certificate in Bible Evangelism (1991), Ruhija

Dr. Azaveli Feza Lwaitama     Senior Lecturer of English and Communication Skills.
                                                                                 -PhD (Linguistics) (1995), Aston University
                                                                                 -Master’s Degree (Linguistics) (1983), Aston University
                                                                                 -BA (Ed) (1981), UDSM
                                                                                 -Dipl.Ed. (1974), Kleruu Teachers College

Janneth Lyatuu                   Assistant Lecturer of Kiswahili
                                                                                 -MA (Kiswahili) (2011), UDSM
                                                                                 -BA(Ed) (1999), UDSM
                                                                                 -Dipl(Ed) (2005), Morogoro Teachers College

Vumilia Rugakingira           Assistant Lecturer          -M.A.Ed (2014) St. John’s University of Tanzania
                                                                                 -BAEd (2012) St. John’s University of Tanzania

Deodatus Muganyizi          Tutorial Assistant             -BBA (2010), St Augustine Uni-versity of Tanzania

Teresphor Rwechungura    Tutorial Assistant            -BEd (Sc) (1988), University of Dar es Salaam

Rev. Samwel Byarugaba     Assistant Lecturer in Educational Planning & Management

                                                                          -PhD Candidate (Nkumba University, Uganda)
                                                                          -MAEd (2013) Nkumba Uni-versity, Uganda
                                                                          -Postgraduate Diploma in Ed-ucation (2011) OUT
                                                                          -MTh (2000) University of Helsinki, Finland
                                                                          -BD (1996) Makumira Uni-versity College

Samwel Mukela                 Dean of Students             -MEd Management & Admin-istration, Kampala Interna-tional University
                                                                           -BA Ed, Open University of Tanzania
                                                                           -BD (1996) Makumira Uni-versity College

Elihaki Yonazi                    Assistant Lecturer           -M.Ed. (2013), SAUT
                                                                                 -BScEd. (2011), SAUT
                                                                                 -Dipl. Ed. (2008), Al-Haramain T. College