Emil Rwekika                   Acting Dean Fac-ulty of Science and Technology and Lecturer of Chemistry
                                                                                 -PhD (1994) ARPPIS
                                                                                 -M.A. Kiswahili (2014), UDSM
                                                                                 -B.Ed. Arts (2009)

Prof. Joseph Buchweishaija      Visiting Professor of Chemistry and Physics
                                                                                 -MSc (1990) UDSM
                                                                                 -B.Ac.Ed (1982) UDSM
                                                                                 -Dipl. In Education (1977) TTC
                                                                                 -PhD (Engineering) (1997), Norwegian University of

                                                                                    Science and Technology
                                                                                 -M.Sc.in Engineering, University of

                                                                                 -B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry and Mathematics


Prof. Luckson M. Kaino     Professor in Mathe-matics Education

                                                                                  -PhD (1994) University of Salzburg, Austria

                                                                                  Professor in Mathe-matics Education
                                                                                  -MSc (1984) UDSM
                                                                                  -BSc with Ed Hons (1977) UDSM

John M. Mhagama             Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry     -MA (Geochemistry and Globe Dynamics) (2015) Uni-versity of Annaba-Algeria

                                                                                     -BA (Geochemistry and Envi-ronment) (2013) University of Annaba-Algeria
                                                                                     -Diploma of French Language (2012) (Franch Institute, An-na-Algeria
Diana Deus                        Assistant Lecturer in Mathematics    -MSc (2017), AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Science), Tanzania.

                                                                                        - BSc with Education (2013), st. John’s University of Tan-zania

Denis Mteremko                 Part time Lecturer in Biology        -MSc Health & Biomedical Sciences (2016), Nelson Man-dela Institute of Science

                                                                                       and Technology

                                                                                      -BSc (Hons) (2010), UDSM                                                                            

Dr. Michael Kitundu               Lecturer in Biology            -MSc (Biochemistry) (1981) Moscow State University