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Basing upon directives given by the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), the Governing Board of a University College should consist of a maximum of fifteen (15) members.

The Governing Board of JoKUCo consists of the following members:

Bishop Dr. Abednego Keshomshahara                 Bishop of the ELCT/NWD - Chairperson
Rev. Prof. Wilson Niwagila                                   Provost, Ex-Officio member
Prof. Luckson Kaino                                          DPAA, Ex-Officio member
Rev. Samwel Byarugaba                                         DPA, Ex-Officio member
Rev. Elmereck Kigembe                                        General Secretary of the ELCT/NWD
Mr. Jonas Lwezaura                                              Treasurer of the ELCT/NWD
Mrs. Marycelina Msuya                                        Representative of TUMA Senate
Dr. Victor Mwesigwa                                              Ministry of Education
Prof. Abel Ishumi                                                 Representative of Vice Chancellors from Public

Dr. Emil Rwekika                                              Representative of the academic community
Mr. Johanssen Lutabingwa                                   Representative of the NWD Executive Council
Rev. Alice Kabugumila                                         Clergy
Mr. Karlo Sendwa                                                 Representative of the financial sector

Mr. Alex Mutiganzi                                              Representative of the business sector
One representative from College Students’ Organization


Rev. Prof. Wilson B. Niwagila           Provost               -PhD in Theology (1988), Hamburg
                                                                                  -M. Div, (1971), Wartburg Seminary, USA
                                                                                  -STM (1972), Wartburg Theological seminary,


Prof. Luckson Kaino                         DPAA                 -PhD (1994) University of Saltzburg, Austria
                                                                                -M.Sc. (1984) UDSM
                                                                                -BScEd (1977) UDSM

Samwel Byarugaba                           DPA                    -MA(Ed) Management and Planning (2013)

                                                                                      Nkumba, University, Uganda
                                                                                   -Postgraduate Dipl.Educ. (2011), OUT
                                                                                   -MTh (2000), University of Helsinki
                                                                                   -BD (1996) Makumira University College

Godwin Lwezaura                            CFO                     -Advanced Dip. in Certified Accountancy

                                                                                   -CPA holder (1991)

Samwel Mukela                               Dean of Students    -MEd Management & Administration,Kampala International University KIU
                                                                                   -BA(Ed) Open University of Tanzania.


Rev. Prof. L. Festo Bahendwa     Curricula Developer  -PhD (Theology 1990) University of Helsinki,

                                                                                  -MTh (1973) University of Helsinki

Marjatta Niinivaara-Bahendwa   Registry Instructor   -MA(Econ) (1974) Economics, UDSM
                                                                                  -MA(Econ) (1971), Helsinki School of Economics
                                                                                  -BA(Econ) (1969), Helsinki School of Economics

Joyce Mutta                              Registry Officer         -Advanced Diploma in Engineering, Electronics and

                                                                                    Telecoms (2002), -DIT
                                                                                  -Full Technician Certificate, (1997) DIT



Dr. Amos N. Mwijage            Acting Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

                                         Lecturer in Geography    -PhD (2015) (OUT)
                                                                                -MSc Pest Management (1994) University of

                                                                                -Dipl. of Imperial University (1992)

Samwel Kijanga                     Assistant Lecturer of Education, Geography and History
                                                                                 -MA(Ed) (2012) St. John’s Univ. of Tanzania
                                                                                 -BA(Ed) (2010) St. John Univ. of Tanzania

Martin D.N. Mwombeki          Assistant Lecturer in Education    -M.A (Demography) (1997), UDSM
                                                                                       -Post Graduate Diploma In Edu-cation

                                                                                        (1982), University of Leeds
                                                                                       -BScEd (1978), UDSM

Prof. Abel G.M. Ishumi         Visiting Professor in Education      -PhD (Ed) (1975), UDSM
                                                                                 -MEd (1972), Harvard University
                                                                                 -BA (Hons) (1970), University of East Africa

Thomas Paschal Kangeizi      Assistant Lecturer of Faith and Ethics/ Chaplain and Head of Book Services.
                                                                                 -MA in Theology (2008) Free University of Amsterdam
                                                                                 -Postgraduate Diploma in Islam and Inter-faith Relations (2007), Henry Martyn Institute,

                                                                                 -Diploma in Theology (2000), Ruhija, Tanzania
                                                                                 -Diploma of Church Music (1994), Ruhija
                                                                                 -Certificate in Bible Evangelism (1991), Ruhija

Dr. Azaveli Feza Lwaitama     Senior Lecturer of English and Communication Skills.
                                                                                 -PhD (Linguistics) (1995), Aston University
                                                                                 -Master’s Degree (Linguistics) (1983), Aston University
                                                                                 -BA (Ed) (1981), UDSM
                                                                                 -Dipl.Ed. (1974), Kleruu Teachers College

Janneth Lyatuu                   Assistant Lecturer of Kiswahili
                                                                                 -MA (Kiswahili) (2011), UDSM
                                                                                 -BA(Ed) (1999), UDSM
                                                                                 -Dipl(Ed) (2005), Morogoro Teachers College

Vumilia Rugakingira           Assistant Lecturer          -M.A.Ed (2014) St. John’s University of Tanzania
                                                                                 -BAEd (2012) St. John’s University of Tanzania

Deodatus Muganyizi          Tutorial Assistant             -BBA (2010), St Augustine Uni-versity of Tanzania

Teresphor Rwechungura    Tutorial Assistant            -BEd (Sc) (1988), University of Dar es Salaam

Rev. Samwel Byarugaba     Assistant Lecturer in Educational Planning & Management

                                                                          -PhD Candidate (Nkumba University, Uganda)
                                                                          -MAEd (2013) Nkumba Uni-versity, Uganda
                                                                          -Postgraduate Diploma in Ed-ucation (2011) OUT
                                                                          -MTh (2000) University of Helsinki, Finland
                                                                          -BD (1996) Makumira Uni-versity College

Samwel Mukela                 Dean of Students             -MEd Management & Admin-istration, Kampala Interna-tional University
                                                                           -BA Ed, Open University of Tanzania
                                                                           -BD (1996) Makumira Uni-versity College

Elihaki Yonazi                    Assistant Lecturer           -M.Ed. (2013), SAUT
                                                                                 -BScEd. (2011), SAUT
                                                                                 -Dipl. Ed. (2008), Al-Haramain T. College


Emil Rwekika                   Acting Dean Fac-ulty of Science and Technology and Lecturer of Chemistry
                                                                                 -PhD (1994) ARPPIS
                                                                                 -M.A. Kiswahili (2014), UDSM
                                                                                 -B.Ed. Arts (2009)

Prof. Joseph Buchweishaija      Visiting Professor of Chemistry and Physics
                                                                                 -MSc (1990) UDSM
                                                                                 -B.Ac.Ed (1982) UDSM
                                                                                 -Dipl. In Education (1977) TTC
                                                                                 -PhD (Engineering) (1997), Norwegian University of

                                                                                    Science and Technology
                                                                        Engineering, University of

                                                                                 -B.Sc.(Hons) Chemistry and Mathematics


Prof. Luckson M. Kaino     Professor in Mathe-matics Education

                                                                                  -PhD (1994) University of Salzburg, Austria

                                                                                  Professor in Mathe-matics Education
                                                                                  -MSc (1984) UDSM
                                                                                  -BSc with Ed Hons (1977) UDSM

John M. Mhagama             Assistant Lecturer in Chemistry     -MA (Geochemistry and Globe Dynamics) (2015) Uni-versity of Annaba-Algeria

                                                                                     -BA (Geochemistry and Envi-ronment) (2013) University of Annaba-Algeria
                                                                                     -Diploma of French Language (2012) (Franch Institute, An-na-Algeria
Diana Deus                        Assistant Lecturer in Mathematics    -MSc (2017), AIMS (African Institute for Mathematical Science), Tanzania.

                                                                                        - BSc with Education (2013), st. John’s University of Tan-zania

Denis Mteremko                 Part time Lecturer in Biology        -MSc Health & Biomedical Sciences (2016), Nelson Man-dela Institute of Science

                                                                                       and Technology

                                                                                      -BSc (Hons) (2010), UDSM                                                                            

Dr. Michael Kitundu               Lecturer in Biology            -MSc (Biochemistry) (1981) Moscow State University




Japhet Kaihura               Accountant                         -Advanced Diploma in Accountancy (2008), CBE

Jackson Kailangana       Loan Officer/ Cashier         -Diploma in Business Administration (1996) Uganda
                                                                                -CPA Part II Examination, (1989) Kenya

Jackson Kamala             Accounts                            -CPA (1996) (Tanzania)

Annavaileth Robert        Bookkeeper                         -B.Com in Accounting (2012) UDOM


Mercy Bahendwa          Estates Supervisor              -Secondary Education (1983) Makumira Sec School

Johnson Kaimukilwa    Driver                                 -Form IV-1992, Omumwani Second-ary School
                                                                              -Driving License Grade ABC, C2, C3, D and E

Rose Muchuruza          Nurse & Counsellor             -Masters Degree in Interna-tional Health (2009)

                                                                        Universi-ty of Copenhagen-Denmark

                                                                       -Advanced Dipl. in Health Education and Health

                                                                        Promo-tion (1997) PHC Institute Iringa

Elisa Lugombana         Electrical Technician          -Grade Test I Certificate (2005)
                                                                              -Trade Test Grade III (2003), Leguruki Vocational

                                                                               Training School
                                                                              -2000-2002 Diaconical Education at Ntoma



Jesca Balongo               ICT Technician                 -Diploma in Information Technology, 2008

Noreen A. Mushema      Tutorial assistant IT                -BSc in Computer Science and IT (2009),

                                                                              Kampala University

Faraji D. Kamala            ICT Technician & T.A               -BSc – Software Engineering (2015) RUCU


Novat Biita                   Library Assistant           -Certificate in Archives and Record Management


                                                                            Kenya School of Professional Studies
                                                                         -Certificates of Internet Knowledge, CCT (2001)
                                                                         -Certificate of Elementary Library Training from the


                                                                            of Library Archives and Documentation
                                                                         -Network 21 Training from Vesper Society

Evodia N. Justin           Assistant Librarian           -Diploma in Library (2009), School of Library

                                                                     Archives and Documentation Studies, Bagamoyo



Melisa Gration             Office Manage-ment Secretary, DPA’s Office
                                                                 -Diploma in Secretarial Course (2008), Tanzania Public Service

                                                                 -Certificate in Secretarial Studies, (2006)
                                                                 -Certificate in Secretarial Practice (2003), Masoka Management

                                                                    Training Institute
                                                                 -Certificate in Office Practice (1995), Tanzania Institute of Adult


Etherine Ntiinabo        Secretary, Provost’s Office
                                                                 -Diploma in Office Management Secretarial Studies (2001),

                                                                   Woodvale, Nairobi
                                                                 -Dipl. Business Management and Admin(2000), Woodvale,

                                                                 -Certificate in Computer Studies (1996), Masoka
                                                                 -Certificate is Secretarial Studies (1994), Mwanza